Creatively Righteous, Haroon Sellars

Haroon Sellars is the man who recorded the legendary CD sets of Hamza Yusuf that shaped Islam in America, and beyond. He has been a mentor and friend to Imran during his time at Zaytuna College. In this episode we find out a bit of his journey, and learn some pearls on how to make a vast and even troubling tradition our own.

Free-styling prayer, intentionality in craft, and creativity in devotion to God—these are a few pearls you’ll find in this conversation with my mentor and dear friend, Brother Haroon Sellars. Though not a native to the Bay area, you could say his journey to the Bay has changed the course of both institutions and every heart he has encountered. On this blessed Friday, I hope you are rejuvenated by the intensity of Brother Haroon’s radiant spirit and that you too take the time to find your God-given gifts and bring to life, your creative righteousness. 

Produced by Imran Ali Malik and Zahra Parekh. Special thank you to the Hayward Museum for offering a quiet-ish place to record.

Buy the Content of Character here and listen to Shaykh Yayha Rhodus’ commentary on the Content of Character here.

The Supplication For Light: